Data Protection System for Tanning Salons

Data Protection System for Tanning Salons

The Data Protection System (DPS) for Tanning Salons is:

A specialty surge suppression system designed at the request of Palm Beach Tan in 2017 to eliminate the “Blown Communication Chip” failure mode that can occur with the wired version of the T-Max® or Intellitan® tanning bed data communication system.

The DPS system isolates and protects each tanning bed from each other and also protects the master manager system.  The unique design only becomes active when the operating voltage on the data lines exceeds a preset value which is above normal operation but well within the normal operating limits of the communication chip.

Problem Analysis Identified 2 Failure Modes:
  • Mode 1 – Very high voltage / short duration energy spike (i.e. static discharge)
  • DPS system simply “eats” and dissipates that energy to protect the salon’s data system
  • These “energy spikes” are so short that the data system will not register a loss in communication
  • No system reboot is typically required
  • These “surges” account for most of the event types 
  • Mode 2 – Very high voltage / long duration energy spike (i.e. tanning bed equipment failure)
  • DPS system clamps the data line voltage to ​~6V (max voltage for the comm chip ​is 12V).
  • If the voltage persists one or both of the protection fuses will blow; thereby isolating the failed bed from the system.
  • This failure mode will cause communication system errors on the data system manager.
  • A simple reboot of the manager will typically bring the salon’s data system back online.
  • The failed bed can be repaired at a later date.

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DPS Features Include:

  • Eliminates the failure mode of a high energy surge on the data system blowing out multiple communication chips.
  • ​Protection system reduces costs by eliminating emergency service calls as a result of blown communication chips & keeps salon open.
  • The system uses ultra high speed fuses to protect both the DPS & tanning bed electronic systems – the fuses are field replaceable.
  • The DPS-1 version installs using the salon’s existing 4 wire / RJ22 jack system, no re-wiring necessary and easy to install.
  • The DPS-5 version requires a rewiring of the salon, but it eliminates the headaches of the daisy chain wiring and moves any power adapters for the remote timer controls to the back room and away from the customer.  Makes a clean install!
  • Designed & manufactured in the USA with technical support team in Arizona.
  • ​​1 year manufacturers warranty. And we fix anything we build for a flat fee of $150 USD.

Data Protection System Components:

DPS Primary Base Unit

DPS Primary Base Unit is used when a salon is converted from the 4 wire daisy chain to a RJ45 home run system. Home run means a single cable comes from the tanning bed directly back to a DPS outport. DPS primary is always required as it has the protection voltage clamping circuitry and must be connected to the Manager Pro/Intellitan control unit. Each unit will protect 5 tanning beds. (5) RJ45 to RJ22 cable adapters are included. PN: DPS-5P, Price is $400 USD.

DPS Secondary Base Unit

DPS Secondary Base Unit is used to add capacity to the data protection system in blocks of 5. The Secondary Base Unit connects to the Primary Base Unit via a supplied RJ45 patch cable. The Secondary Base Unit does not have the voltage clamping circuitry so that is why a Primary is required. You may attach as many Secondary Base Units as needed to protect your salon's tanning bed assets. (5) RJ45 to RJ22 cable adapters are included with each unit. PN: DPS-5S, Price is $400 USD.

DPS Universal In-Line Unit

The DPS Universal In-Line Unit is used in installations where re-wiring the salon is not possible. This unit has the exact same protection system as the DPS Primary Base Unit, but was designed to go in-line with the tanning bed. We include a pre-made 36" long cable that must be used to connect to the tanning bed from the DPS unit to ensure proper operation. A skilled bed tech can install these units in about 10 minutes. PN: DPS-1, Price is $100 USD.

DPS Cable Adapters

DPS cable adapters make it easy to convert between the cat5e/RJ45 cable system to the existing RJ22 (4p4c) telephone jacks used on the T-Max / Intellitan data system used in nearly every tanning bed sold. These adapters ensure a solid data connection between the 2 cable types and makes in field wiring faster and cheaper. Sold in packs of 5. Red & black wires are for supplying power to older T3A or G2 timer boards. Put power supplies in the equipment room for the timer boards. PN: DPS-CC, Price is $80 USD

DPS Replacement Fuses

The fuses used in the DPS are not available at any local hardware store or home center. They are a very special high speed / extremely low current fuse that are only available thru wholesale suppliers. Failure to use the exact same fuse will cause the system to not perform as designed. Therefore, we offer the fuses and the holding cover as a complete assembly. Sold in packs of 4. PN: DPS-SFS, Price is $75 USD.