Music Motivates
People to BUY

​The Buying Power of Emotions:

Simply put emotions play a key part in how & what people buy!   Research done by Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman​, ​​​indicates that "emotion is what really drives the purchasing behaviors, and also, decision making in general." ( 3/26/2018)

​According to the latest neuroscience research, one of the most complex emotional memories people have is associated ​with music.​  Using music in a business enhances the emotional connection at a subconscious level and motivates people to buy.  ​

Studies have shown the emotional connection that music makes significantly increases trust and rapport.  Think about this, have you ever seen a modern movie or advertisement (Tv/Radio/On-Line) that doesn't use music or a jingle - Simple answer is NO!  

​Advertisers use music in one form or another to establish ​an emotional connection with the audience.  The audience will remember the product /service ​better by attaching a feeling (emotional response) to the product or service.  A great video to watch is How Background Music Effects Consumers. 

Simply put music increases sales, reduces stress and anxiety and can positively influence a client's behavior. Refer to our Learn More page for additional information. 

Let us, help you create the ultimate buying environment using the power of music in your business!!

Music Motivates
People to BUY

​Commercial Music Services:

As a business owner you know you need background music for your business.  But you just don't where to start or who to trust.  That's were our team will help you.  We actually design & build the electronic music distribution systems that we sell in the USA. 

If you want music in your business and or a music system that will distinguish your brand from the competition; then you need look no further. Years of experience, professional installation partners and USA based tech support are the keys why our customers are repeat customers.

There is music and a music system that is perfect for every business​, let us help you find what is best for you and your brand.  Our music services are fully licensed for use in businesses.  Check out our systems & services under Music Services on the Product menu.

Music Systems (Design & Installation)   ♦  Licensed Music Services  ♦  Digital Signage  ♦  USA Tech Support ​

​Tanning Salon Specialty Electronics:

When people come to a tanning salon they want to tan.  If the timer system is off-line for any reason, the end result is UNHAPPY CLIENTS that can't tan which can = lost revenue (membership cancels) and negative on-line reviews.

A common reason why the timer system is not operational is due to blown communication chips.  Owners know this problem dates back several decades.  No one has ever truly solved the blown comm chip problem!

WE FINALLY HAVE!!!  Introducing the Data Protection System (DPS).   The only protection & isolation system that isolates every tanning bed from every other bed and prevents energy surges from destroying the timer chips.  Developed at the request from Palm Beach Tan (PBT) Facilities in 2017, the system is actively protecting several 100 tanning beds; with more every day. 

Salons that would routinely, approximately 5-8 months, experience a comm chip failure were retrofitted with the Data Protection System and since their change over have not had a comm chip failure in almost 2 years.  Check out the DPS information under the product menu. 

Electronic Design Consulting:

​Electronic system design and manufacturing are at the core of our business.  Although our speciality is in commercial music distribution products, our team will ​examine other electronic systems based on the needs of our clients.  For example, the Data Protection System above for the tanning industry.

We have developed strategic partners for every aspect of the design and manufacturing processes. Additionally our design tools are used by many fortune 500 companies; ​Mechanical Design - AutoCad 2016 & Schematic Capture / PCB Design - Dip​Trace (latest full version).

Our team has design experience in analog & digital systems, wifi & Bluetooth, microprocessors (PIC & Arm Cortex), System-in-package (SIPs - Octavo Systems), RF design up to 1.5GHz, telemetry systems, web based applications​ & computer software applications.  ​

We can do everything from a paper design ​to prototype fabrication & even complete turnkey system manufacturing.  Need it in an enclosure, we can do that too.  Need more information, please click on the schedule a meeting with us button ​so we can talk.