​Let’s take a brief moment to look at music and its interaction in our Human brain.

​Music is a fundamental part of human development both intellectually & emotionally and is a core experience.  There is historical evidence of human cultures that communicated via song instead of written language. Music is linked to learning as in the connections between music and emotional experiences.

​“Music is strongly linked to motivation and to human social contact. Only a portion of people may play music, but all can, and do, at least sing or hum a tune. Music is a core human experience and a generative process that reflects cognitive capabilities. It is intertwined with many basic human needs and is the result of thousands of years of neurobiological development. Music, as it has evolved in humankind, allows for unique expressions of social ties and the strengthening of relational connectedness.”1  

​As stated previously, music is a core human experience.  We all have emotional memories tied to music whether it’s the experience you had at your first concert (can’t you just feel the emotional energy of this picture), the song that was playing during your first kiss, or your favorite movie… music is everywhere. Now it is with us at all times due to our modern technology devices.

​Because music creates these strong emotional ties, it is a very powerful motivational tool for getting people to BUY!  How often do you see an ad on the television that doesn’t have a music jingle or song playing in the background – ANSWER NEVER!  Advertisers know that the “background music” connects to the subconscious human brain via the emotional connection and uses this to cement the concept of their item.

For this reason music is one of the keys to having a successful brick & mortar (B&M) business.  If people are entering a building to do business with you, then the instant they step through the door you want to establish an emotional connection…Motivate the Person to BUY!

Finally just some long proven statistics on the Motivational Power of Music:
Retail Businesses
  • ​90% of customers would choose a store that is playing music over one that isn’t.
  • ​60% of customers will spend longer in a store that is playing music.
Restaurants / Bars
  • ​73 % of owners/managers said playing music in their establishment increased their revenue.
  • ​84% of owners/managers surveyed said music created a better atmosphere for their customers.
Salons & Spas
  • ​80+% of customers said silence makes a business feel unfriendly & unwelcoming.
  • ​71% of salons say that they can positively influence customer’s behavior with music.
Doctors & Dentists
  • ​75% of patients feel happier & more relaxed when music was playing.
  • ​66%+ of patients surveyed said listening to music made the visit feel less frightening and were more tolerant while waiting.

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