​Data Protection System for Tanning Salons

The Data Protection System is:

A unique surge suppression system that is incorporated in to any T-Max or Intellitan salon data system to eliminate "Blown Communication Chips."  The DPS product line was developed ​as a request from Palm Beach Tan facilities in 2017.  The ​DPS system isolates & protects each & every tanning bed and the master data manager without interfering in the timer operation.

The special electronic design only activates when the voltage on the data lines exceeds the maximum level observed during normal operation.  There are 2 failure modes in which this system protects both the tanning bed timing electronics & the master salon manager device.

  • Mode 1 - Very high voltage / short duration energy spike (i.e. static discharge):
    • DPS system simply "eats" that energy and continues to protect the salon's data system​
    • These energy spikes are short ​such that the data system will not register a loss in communication to the tanning bed​
    • ​No system reboot is necessary
  • Mode 2 - High voltage / long duration energy spike(i.e. tanning bed equipment failure):
    • DPS system clamps the data line voltage to ​~6V (max voltage for the comm chip ​is 12V).
    • If the voltage persists one or both of the protection fuses will blow; thereby isolating the failed bed from the system.  
    • This failure mode will cause communication system errors.
    • A simple reboot of the manager will bring the salon's data system back online.  
    • The failed bed can be repaired at a later date.

Two ​configurations are available (DPS-1 & DPS-5).  Information about each of the ​models is listed below along with pricing. Please let us assist you in ​determining the best system for your needs.

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DPS System Features Include:

  • Eliminates the failure mode of a high energy surge on the data system blowing out multiple communication chips
  • ​Protection system reduces costs by eliminating emergency service calls as a result of blown communication chips & keeps salon open
  • The system uses ultra high speed fuses to protect both the DPS & tanning bed electronic systems - the fuses are field replaceable
  • The DPS-1 version installs using the salon's existing 4 wire / RJ22 jack system, no re-wiring necessary and easy to install
  • Designed & manufactured in the USA. Technical Support team is located in Metro Phoenix, AZ
  • ​​1 year manufacturers warranty

Detailed DPS Component Information:

Data Protection System model DPS-1 is designed to isolate & protect a single tanning bed from any energy surges that may occur as a result of a static discharge or complete component failure.  One unit is required at each tanning bed ​& at the main manager console​.  The "daisy chain" or "backbone" timer connections are removed from the bed and plugged into jacks on the left side. The jack on the right goes back to the bed.  A cable is provided for this connection.  Maximum system protection is 35 tanning beds & the main master console.  Part# DPS-1, Price MSRP $79 each.

Data Protection System model DPS-5P is designed to isolate & protect ​tanning beds from any energy surges that may occur as a result of a static discharge or complete component failure.  The main difference is that this model is designed to be installed in the equipment room and a CAT5e (network type) cable is run from ​an output on the board to a single tanning bed.  ​This design will isolate & protect​ up to (5) tanning beds & the main manager console.  This type of wiring configuration is called a "home run" and eliminates all the failure​ modes associated with a daisy chain or backbone wiring scheme.

However this does require a salon to be rewired with CAT5e networking cable.  (6) special adapters, DPS-CCs are provided to convert the RJ45 plug (CAT5e) to the RJ22 (Tanning Bed) plug connection.  Also, any T-Max 3A/G2 or equivalent remote timer is now powered down the CAT5e cable, the power supply is moved to the equipment room for a cleaner install in the tanning room. (1) DPS-5P is required per salon. Part # DPS-5P, Price MSRP $397.

​​​Data Protection System model DPS-5​S is ​exactly the same as the DPS-5P in functionality and form.  This unit is used to add system capacity in blocks of 5, with a maximum of 6 total DPS-5S's in the system.  This will ​protect up to 35 tanning beds and the main manager console.  Need more capacity, please contact us to discuss your options.  DPS-5S's are connected together using standard network patch cables and a cable is provided with each unit.  Both DPS-5x models have green & yellow LEDs to indicate data is flowing, if a LED is out - then that fuse is blown and a problem exists. Part # DPS-5​S, Price MSRP $397 each.


Data Protection System model DPS-​CC is ​the special adapter that is included to convert CAT5e connectors (RJ45) to the timer's RJ22 (Phone cord) interface.  Also the adapter splits off the positive & negative leads (red & black wires) if you need to remotely power a T3A/G2 remote timer.   However sometimes units get lost or damaged and replacements are necessary. Part # DPS-​CC, Price MSRP $​10 each.


Data Protection System ​replacement fuse assemblies model GH-FS80.  In the event of a failure, ​replace any blown fuses with approved units.  Failure to use the recommend fuse will void your warranty and ​cause ​improper operation & loss of protections.  ​​Part # GH-FS80, Price MSRP $​10 ​for a bag of 4 pieces.

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