​Brief Background of Southwestern Microsystems Inc.

Southwestern Microsystems Inc. or SWMS is an electronics design and manufacturing company based in Gilbert, Arizona.  We design and build commercial music distribution systems and specialty electronic systems in the United States.  

We are a 2nd generation family company as the music distribution systems were originally developed by the owner’s father company (Sigma Southwest Corp.) and in 2010 decided to semi-retire.

Eric, the owner, left corporate America to fulfill his desire of running his own company.

​SWMS is continuously improving its product line to ensure we are providing our customers with the products that meet/exceed their needs at a competitive price.  We have now added licensed ​music & installation services to our product offering.   This provides a turnkey solution for commercial music & sound installations.

As a complete electronics design and manufacturing operation, we additionally offer contract design and prototype development services.  Please contact us as we would be happy to discuss your project needs.

SWMS has now ventured into the Digital Marketing Arena to assist other businesses in building their digital advertising infrastructure.  As a small business owner, there are many times traditional marketing / advertising options are just not available due to cost; so how does one’s business get the advertising out without going broke?

The answer we found is... to use smart specialty technologies with the aide from social media to promote your products & services at a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods.

Upon developing & utilizing these systems internally, ​my team & I have determined that ​we can help other businesses grow and at the same time ​continue to expand the product offerings for SW​ Microsystems (SWMicrosystems Media).

For more information on our marketing services, check out our website at SWMicrosystems MediaThe link will redirect you to our other website.